What if You Can’t Bring Yourself to Fast Today?

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Don't want to fast today?What happens if you have the best intentions to fast the following day as you go to bed but wake up in morning and cant bear the thought of fasting at all?

Here’s a trick that I’ve come up with to deal with it. It may seem pretty obvious but it helps to break it up into three steps.

So here goes:




Step One:

Tell yourself it’s ok to skip a day and ‘bump’ your fast to later in the week. The reason you don’t feel up to it today could be for any number of reasons so don’t beat yourself up!

It’s better to not push yourself so you can keep up intermittent fasting in the long term than giving up altogether.

Once you’re ok with that you wont have any feelings of disappointment. 


Step Two:

Then compromise with yourself and ask ‘Can I manage with just pushing out my breakfast to 10am today?” If that makes your ‘fasting anxiety’ go away then bingo!

Leave it at that. Just fast until 10am.

If you’ve been intermittent fasting for a while and/or you’re used to skipping the occasional breakfast then try asking yourself “Can I push out my first meal of the day to 12pm? Or even 3 pm?

When you come up with a time in your mind that doesn’t trigger any feelings of anxiety you might notice that all of a sudden your fasting day just became a heck of a lot easier. You know
you can get to that time with ease so why not go for it.

Never try to push yourself if you don’t feel like it. This is very important.


Step Three:

Then when it gets to your new compromised time (say 3pm) give yourself a free pass to stop your fast and congratulate yourself on the fact that you didn’t give in first thing in the morning.

But if you feel like you’re ‘on a roll’ and only if you feel like you’re on a roll then ask yourself  “Can I push it out further until the time I wanted to fast until today? Or until I reach, say 20 hours?

Always find a compromise that doesn’t cause you any negative feelings. Fasting is meant to be something you enjoy doing. Don’t make it a chore whatever you do.

If you manage to do a full fast then that’s great. If not, then at least you did a partial fast (which is better that no fast!) and it was easy to do, you might find that your motivation is back. Or if not give yourself a day or two break before the next fast.  Hopefully your next fast later in the week will be much easier.


This really helps if your fasting schedule is interrupted 

I’ve found this method really helps if I’ve just returned home from overseas and my fasting schedule gets all messed up (with the timezone changes and what not) or for whatever reason it may be.

Sometimes you just need to gradually build up into a fasting schedule again. I hope you find this trick useful too.



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