Alternate Day Fasting

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Fasting on Alternate Days

This method of intermittent fasting involves alternating days of fasting and eating normally.

It’s most commonly a 36 hour fast (the duration of a night time sleep and the full day and night following that) and then the following day eat normally again (no fasting).

So for example, on Monday, you would eat normally on that day and then on waking the next day you would completely fast or eat only a select amount of calories for full day and night until Wednesday where you would eat normally again.

This pattern is then repeated continuously on alternate days.

As you can imagine, this method is pretty difficult to maintain and I don’t recommend fasting this often or for this long. So instead you can just limit the amount of calories you eat on your fasting days instead to 15 to 25% of your recommended daily calorie intake.

This study about Alternate day Fasting  shows that even if you eat a high fat diet you can still get great weight loss results and health benefits.


How to Start Alternate Day Fasting

If you want to try ADF as your fasting method of choice you can get started by calculating your daily calorie needs using a calorie needs calculator. I recommend starting gradually. For example eating say 30% of this amount on your fasting days for two weeks and then cut down to 25% after two weeks.

Alternatively you can try a modified ADF  technique like the 5:2 Method.



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