The Fast Diet (Book Review)

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The Fast DietAs you may know, the author of this book (co-written by journalist Mimi Spencer) Michael Mosley presented a groundbreaking Horizon documentary in 2012 called ‘Eat, Fast and Live Longer‘which introduced the 5:2 method of fasting to the world.

This book is a great summary of that documentary, some current research on intermittent fasting and how he came to devise the 5:2 method with Professor Mark Mattson.

It focuses on both the health and weight loss benefits of this particular method of fasting and is a great source of encouragement for those of us who fast regularly already. It also has some great tips and recipes to help with calorie counting on fasting days by providing suggested meal plans.

What Does it Include?

  • A summary of the 2012 Horizon documentary.
  • Diet advice from Mimi Spencer.
  • Example 500-600 calorie recipes and plans.
  • Success stories from other 5:2 diet intermittent fasters.
  • References to some of the research papers related to intermittent fasting.
  • A section to answer the frequently asked questions around fasting (exercise, diet and energy levels etc).
  • It does also have a small section in there about how ifasting affects women, but this is only brushed upon.


Is The 5:2 Diet Suitable for Everyone? 

I must admit, the original alternative method to fasting that Dr Mattson came up with for Dr Mosley, was to fast for an entire day twice a week and to have his allowed meal at the beginning or at the end of the day. Therefore there would be some ‘true fasting’ during this time.

Dr Mosley says didn’t have the willpower to stick to this regime so split his allowed calories into two and had a meal at breakfast and then again at dinner time. Therefore he only ‘truly’ fasted for 12 hours each time.

Fortunately for him this method seemed to work well and he lost 20 pounds. He now only fasts this way for one day per week to maintain his weight!

Dr Mosley wasn’t particularly overweight (compared with most of us when embarking on our weight loss journey) to begin with, so it’s debatable whether this method of fasting will be effective for everybody.


So What’s the Verdict?

This is a great book for those who choose to follow the 5:2 method of intermittent fasting (now called ‘The Fast Diet’). I recommend you watch the Horizon documentary first and use this book as a quick reference that you can have on had to refer to when you want to remind yourself about the evidence behind fasting and how this method of fasting came about.

Be aware though,  that it’s not always the best method for everyone! Especially for most women where there are so many other hormonal and metabolic factors to take into account.


Most women might find a slightly different version of this method more effective such as the the iFasters method for the first 4 weeks for weight loss before using this, or another method, as a maintenance schedule.

You can buy your copy from the Amazon store  here.



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