One Meal a Day (OMAD)

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What is OMAD (One Meal a Day)?

To make things nice and easy, this method is exactly as the name implies. You eat one meal a day and at any time of the day you like, morning, noon, or evening.

The catch? Or should I say the catches, are that it’s every single day of the week, you have a 4-hour window to eat your one meal in to make sure that it’s roughly at the same time everyday. That way you will be fasting for around 23 hours a day.


Just make sure you follow these rules:

  • Only eat ONE meal per day.
  • The meal has to be one average-sized dinner plate of food including any desserts and sauces. You don’t need to count calories at all.
  • You can have one beverage with calories with the meal.
  • You should feel satisfied after your meal. (Don’t starve yourself!)
  • Any medications, vitamins, or supplements are taken with the meal.
  • Eat whatever you want but obviously try and choose good, nutritious food.
  • Finish your meal within an hour of starting.


If you choose this method but it sounds way too much to get your head around, I highly recommend easing in to it by doing it every second day for a week or two before deciding whether you want to do it every day of the week.

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If you choose this method, good luck! Let us know in the comments below how you find OMAD or if you have any questions.






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