One Meal a Day (OMAD)

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What is OMAD (One Meal a Day)?

To make things nice and easy, this method is exactly as the name implies. You eat one meal a day and at any time of the day you like, morning, noon, or evening. Easy right?

Ok so what’s the catch? Or should I say the catches.

Well, this one is not for the faint-hearted, because these one meal a day fasts are done every single day of the week.

You have a 4-hour window to eat your one meal in to make sure that it’s roughly at the same time everyday. That way you will be fasting for around 23 hours a day. And there are a few ground rules you need to abide by.


The rules of OMAD:

  • Only eat ONE meal per day. No snacking, no giant sized plates, no eating that meal gradually over 5 hours. ONE normal sized meal.
  • The meal has to be one average-sized dinner plate of food including any desserts and sauces. You don’t need to count calories which is a bonus.
  • You can have one beverage (that can have calories in it) with the meal.
  • You should feel satisfied after your meal. There’s no need to starve yourself so eat what you normally would.
  • Any medications, vitamins, or supplements are taken with the meal.
  • Eat whatever you want but obviously try and choose good, nutritious food. That way you’ll feel better and have more energy. There’s no point wasting your meal on junk food. Yes, you’ll still lose the weight but you won’t feel so good.
  • Finish your meal within an hour of starting it.


If you do find you need snack during the day or you wont make it through, some information out there about this method says that one or two pieces of fruit is ok. But that seems to be for men who are in to body building. For us women, I would say try not to have the fruit but have a cup of tea or coffee with milk if you need to.

Some other information out there says you only need to fast on weekdays which I would tend to agree with. If 24 hour fasts are only done twice a week with great results then why would you need to OMAD every day of the week?

Tips for Starting OMAD:  

  • Make sure you’re not trying to cut calories in your one meal. You need to be getting enough calories for this method to work. It’s NOT a diet so eat a good, full meal that makes you feel satisfied.
  • I recommend easing in to OMAD so start by eating two meals a day for a week, then alternate between two meals a day and one meal a day the following week and then one meal a day every day the week after.
  • Then you can decide whether you want to do it every day of the week after that or whether you just want to do it on alternating days (day on then day off).
  • For more details on easing in to your fasts, get a copy of the iFasters quick start guide.

Ok so that’s it. Nice and simple. For more details about OMAD check out this site.

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