How Nora Lost 7kgs Using the 5:2 Method and Keeps it Off With Daily 16 Hour Fasts

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Nora Boswell's Success Story
Nora on holiday in Italy June 2013.

Here’s a great success story from Nora Boswell from the United Kingdom and has successfully reached her goal weight and, most importantly, can maintain that goal weight with ease!

I interviewed her to learn more about how she did it:


Summarise your weight loss story for us in one paragraph:

I needed to take action or slide into a fat old age.  I started fasting in August 2012 and found I enjoyed the discipline and the feeling of being in control. 

I still went to the gym regardless of fast days and ate my normal diet on non-fast days. The weight came off fairly quickly at first and then slowed down but I seemed to lose more inches in the weeks where my weight stayed the same, so win, win, all round.

Gradually, my eating patterns have changed and I can enjoy treats knowing that they won’t turn into every-day indulgences.  I now fit into clothes that had been at the back of the wardrobe for years, feel fitter, taller and more elegant and, if you’ll forgive me, really rather pleased with myself. 


What method of Fasting do you do: (5 2 /Fast Diet, 24 hour fasts, daily fasts)

5:2 until target weight achieved. 


When did you start fasting?

August 2012

What weight were you to start with?

65.2kg / 144 lbs


What was your goal weight?

58.5kg / 129 lbs


What is your weight now?

58.0kg / 128 lbs


What do you do for your fasting routine now? (i.e. How many times a week)

Don’t like breakfast, so most days I fast 17 hours from 7pm until noon the next day, ie a 7 hour eating window per day.



What exercise do you do regularly? Did you do this exercise before you started fasting?

I try to go to the gym three times a week.  My regime includes Pilates, yoga, fit-ball and body pump and I have been doing these for some years.  Recently, I have built in stretches and exercises at home on non-gym day and, when I remember, some HIT (High Intensity Training).


What do you eat on your non-fasting days?

Lunch: Ham, cheese or veggie sandwich, fruit, couple of biscuits. Maybe a packet of crisps but less often than every other day.

Afternoon:  Fruit and/or once or twice a week a chocolate bar.

Dinner: Meat dish, a few potatoes, lots of veg, fruit salad or piece of cake or toast and honey.


What is your advice to people thinking about starting intermittent fasting but are not sure about it yet?

Do it!  To start with you obsess about food and worry about how you will feel on a fast day. Then very quickly, you find a rhythm, the fast days happen without much thought or effort and your regular eating habits become much healthier.  You suddenly realise you are in control and feeling good about yourself. 

One last point of interest:  I had a marvellous two week holiday in Italy and put on a few pounds which I shed within two weeks of being back home and eating only during the 7 hour window. 


Congratulations Nora! Such a great story to share with us all.



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