Meditation for Weight Loss with Intermittent Fasting- 4 Simple Ways to Start Today

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Meditation to lose weight? Huh? It’s not that meditation burns calories but believe it or not, meditation can help with weight loss by the effects it has on your body. So it’s a great tool to help boost your intermittent fasting results and to feel calm and centered at the same time.

The thought of meditation usually conjures up the image of a yogi sitting in the lotus pose chanting. But don’t worry you won’t have to go that far to get the same benefits.

Meditation comes in many forms. Any time you’re 100% focused on the present moment, whether you’re doing a task you love, appreciating a piece of art or engrossed in Sudoku you are in a meditative state.

This meditative state activates the part of the nervous system that helps the body to relax which means that it is less likely to hold on to your fat stores. It also helps with binge eating and emotional eating before or after fasts as well.

So pick from these 5 easy ways to start a mindful, meditative practice to help make your weight loss journey easier.

1. Mindful Eating

Mindful eating is a form of meditation with the added benefit of enjoying your food so much more. It’s a win-win.  Eating, or eating mindfully, should be a completely meditative experience every time. It seems obvious that we should focus in the delicious meal that we’re eating. But many of us, while chewing, are completely distracted, thinking about the work we have to do tomorrow, or the hectic day we’ve just finished, or what to wear tonight.

So give the food your full attention. Focus on chewing, on how the food feels in your mouth, on its flavors and aromas and its texture. It will relax your mind and body and you’ll be less likely to snack afterwards.  The more you enjoy your food, the less you’ll crave or feel deprived, thereby assisting your weight loss venture.

2. Develop a Mantra

If you’re tired or stressed, your willpower might start to wane. Develop a mantra or positive affirmation to say mentally every morning and evening, or during moments of weakness.

Try not to focus on the negative aspects of your fasts, but the positive aspects soon to come. Try something like”Every day I’m getting closer and closer to my goal weight”. Hold yourself accountable for your present situation, accept your current weight for what it is and focus on the body that you want to create.

Reinforcing positive statements can also help keep you motivated and more likely to stick to your fasts.

3. Meditative Imagery

Try clearing your mind and meditating for 5-15 minutes a day by imagining the body and the life you want to have. Your mind is an extremely powerful tool when it comes to weight loss because your subconscious doesn’t know the difference between a real and imagined experience. By visualising the body you want to have your mind will prompt you to do things that will help to get to that goal.  It has been proven that athletes that visualise winning have greater success, and we can do the same.

Your mind can be your greatest ally, or your greatest enemy. So choose your thoughts wisely. We can just as easily talk ourselves out of success and down a spiral of negativity. Meditative visual imagery can not only make you feel good, but harnesses the power of your mind to create the life and the body you want.

Imagine your happy, fit self running down the beach in a bikini, or shopping for clothes, or playing with your dog, and it will become one step closer to reality.

4. Focused Breathing

It is arguably your most important bodily function, yet many of us don’t do it nearly enough.

It’s yet again another form of meditation, so by sitting down and focusing on your breathing for 5-15 minutes a day triggers the parasympathetic nervous system which can greatly reduce your stress. And stress, as we know, increases stress hormones, which makes that stubborn belly fat cling on for dear life, even for those with the healthiest of eating habits.

So, get rid of the excess stress weight by focusing on your breath. Start by inhaling through your nose, hold briefly, and exhale through the mouth with a whooshing sound. Try to keep the inhales and exhales the same length of time. For examples 5 seconds in and 5 seconds out.

Practicing this consistently will automatically trigger your body’s nervous system to relax.

All of these forms of meditation are great for weight loss and your overall health and well-being. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying them. You’ll feel more relaxed, positive outlook on life and your body. So give them a try!

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