How Mary Maintains her Goal Weight Using Daily 16 Hour Fasts

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Here’s another great success story from Mary McFarlane from the United Kingdom who has successfully reached her goal weight (well she actually weighs less than her goal weight).

She’s now able to eat all her favourite foods and maintain her weight with an easy maintenance plan.

I interviewed her to find out how she does it:


Name: Mary McFarlane Age:  65  Location: East Midlands, United Kingdom  Height: 5 ft 5″


What method of Fasting do you do: (5 2 /Fast Diet, 24 hour fasts, daily fasts):

I started off doing 5:2 and for maintenance I do 16/8(16 hour fast and 8 hour feeding window every day). The reason for this was because I hate counting calories and 16/8 is so easy, no breakfast and no late night nibbles, simple!


When did you start fasting?

I was gradually reducing my calorie intake from June 2012 but after I saw the horizon programme I decided to try that and started 5:2 in Sept/Oct 2012.


What weight were you to start with?

Ah, good question, I went from, 8 to 8.5 stone (119lbs or 56 kgs) to 11+ stone when I hit the menopause and when I started 5:2 I estimated that I was somewhere in the region of 10 stone (140lbs and 63kgs).


What was your goal weight?

It was 8st 7lbs (121lbs or 55.2kgs)


What is your weight now?

Anywhere from 8st to 8st 4lbs (Between 112lb/50.8kg to 117lb/53kg)

What do you do for your fasting routine now? (i.e. how many time a week)

Everyday as I do 16/8 so I get a mini fast daily.


What exercise do you do regularly? Did you do this exercise before you started fasting?

I walk briskly for at least an hour every day and this was something I was trying to do before 5:2 but not very successfully.


What do you eat on your non-fasting days?

Whatever I want, nothing is forbidden but I now eat much more healthily than before and am more aware of being full.


What’s is your advice to people thinking about starting intermittent fasting but are not sure about it yet?

Stop thinking and start fasting, you have nothing to lose but fat and this is NOT a diet, it is a DO It!


Please summarise your weight loss story for us in one paragraph:

Well, my weight loss was slow to start with which was depressing but I stuck with it and eventually got to where I wanted to be which was inside size 8/10 jeans with the zip done up comfortably, just like when I was young and I am now in that happy place.

I feel wonderful, I have much more energy, friends tell me I look better than I have in years and this has truly changed my life.

I would recommend this way of life to anyone, in fact, everyone can benefit from fasting whether they have weight issues or not and I shall continue this for as long as is possible for the alleged long term health benefits. I feel I have done my mind and body the biggest possible favour so why not keep doing it?


Thanks Mary! Very inspirational.



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