Intermittent Fasting Versus Frequent, Small Meals

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small mealsDon’t be fooled into thinking that frequent small meals help you to lose weight. The majority of us believe this is true, when in fact it has no benefit at all.

Not only does eating more frequently not increase your metabolism to help you lose weight, but you’ll be keeping your body is ‘sugar burning mode’ rather than ‘fat burning mode’ which is a precursor to developing adult onset diabetes.

Eating too often also means you wont be giving your body a rest from digesting food. And the only chance it gets to repair and regenerate is when you’re in the ‘fasted state’ which is around 8-12 hours after you last ate. With frequent meals you’ll never allow yourself to get to that state except after you’ve slept for 8 hours. But even then most people will have breakfast straight away so they won’t be in the fasted state for very long.

A study in the British Journal of Nutrition in 1993 took a group of men who were fed two meals a day for a  week and their metabolic rate measured. Then the following week they were given the same amount of food but over 7 small meals a day. The results showed that that there was absolutely no change in their metabolic rate over the two weeks.

So on your non-fasting days just eat what you normally would, at the times that you normally would, and don’t try to stick to a tiresome schedule of eating something every 2 or 3 hours!

If you’e already fasting once or twice a week you’re miles ahead of the ‘dieters’ out there who are timing meals and restricting calories every day. You’ll actually see lasting weight loss results while they probably wont!



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