Intermittent Fasting to Prevent Diabetes

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Prevent DiabetesMost people who eat a western diet eat too much and too often which causes a chronic increase in the insulin levels in our blood and is the leading cause of diabetes Type II (adult onset diabetes).

The good news is that studies have proven that fasting intermittently dramatically reduces our insulin levels and therefore we can prevent this from happening.

A study in the Journal of Applied Physiology (2005; Vol 99) took a group of 8 men who fasted for 20 hours at a time on alternating days and measured their insulin levels and insulin sensitivity (ability to regulate blood sugar). It showed that their insulin sensitivity had significantly improved during their very first fast.

Another study on a group of 6 men (American Journal of Physiology 1993) asked them to fast for 72 hours and their blood insulin levels were measured throughout the fast.

Their insulin levels dropped significantly (by half!) and occurred predominantly between their 18th and 24th hours of fasting.

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The great news is that intermittent fasting for 18-24 hours at a time while eating normally on non-fasting days has a far more positive effect on reducing blood insulin levels than a strict, long term low carb and low GI diet that most people struggle with in order to avoid diabetes.
So if you’re serious about preventing diabetes the best thing you can do is stick to a regular plan of intermittent fasting and a relaxed diet on your days off to mimic the natural balance of high and low insulin levels as part of your permanent lifestyle.
This will ensure good health, longevity and very importantly to significantly reduce your risk of diabetes!


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