Fat Loss With Intermittent Fasting Explained

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While fasting (if you are doing the methods where you have no calories) your body switches to  ‘fat burning mode’ and this is where all of the magic weight loss results happen.

So as soon as you get to the fat burning point of your fasts the effect on your weight loss will get better and better. That’s why some people (mostly women) who fast daily for less than 18 hours can find it difficult to lose weight as they don’t spend much time in fat burning mode before they eat again. The graph below shows how much fat is burned (even if you are asleep!) during the stages of fasting.


Remember, your body stops feeding off your last meal for energy at around 6-8 hours after you last ate and it’s usually around the 12-14th hour of fasting that your body starts to rapidly burn body fat as your main source of energy instead of your blood sugar.

After that your body only has your fat stores to use for fuel so you start to burn fat like crazy.

If you choose the ‘5:2’ method (where you can have 25% of your daily calories for two days per week) try to get to a stage where you have at least one 18-24 hour period in those two days where you’re having no calories.

I recommend fasting for at least 16 hours if you fast daily and up to 24 hours if you fast twice weekly for the best results (never over 72 hours at a time to make sure your metabolism will stay at its peak). That way you will see far better weight loss results.

Remember to watch out for overeating before and after each fast in order to get the maximum benefits.If you do you might have to rethink your fasting method.

If done the right way, you can see a loss of 1-2 lbs or to 1kg per week with ease.

You can print out a copy of the iFasters Fat Loss Graph here so you can put it on your wall and look at it when you’re fasting.

For a much more detailed overview about how you can use Intermittent Fasting to lose weight I recommend our iFasters ebook  How to Lose Weight by Fasting available on Amazon for Kindle.

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  1. Hi I am a 5:2er at the moment but from what I’ve just read am I right in thinking that you can fast daily e.g eat last meal 7pm, don’t eat again until 1pm (18 hours) the following day and that would be classed as a true fast?

    1. Yes that’s correct, that would be a ‘true fast’ as you have no calories during that time. If you can consume your 25% calories after the 18 hour true fast you should get much better results!

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