How to Lose Weight by Fasting (The Book for Kindle)

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This book is a great introduction for beginners to learn about intermittent fasting.

During my on-going research I discovered many more physical and psychological benefits that iFasting can provide and have covered some of these in this book.

While I have tried to include as much as I could, this guide is written with the absolute beginner in mind and is not meant to ‘overload’ the reader with information like some other books on the topic can do.

I’ve done my best to present enough credible information to help you make up your own mind about what method of intermittent fasting will be the best for you to get you started on your journey of weight loss and improved health.

You can buy your own copy from Amazon here for $2.99.


Don’t Have a Kindle?

If you don’t have a Kindle, you can read the book on a tablet or smart phone using the free Kindle app.

If you don’t have either of those you can download a free kindle reader for windows  here to read it on your computer. Mac users can download it here.


For women, I also wrote a guide especially for us, suitably titled “Intermittent Fasting for Women” which you will also find in the Kindle store.





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