How To Get Through Your Intermittent Fasts More Easily – 3 Easy Tricks

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Woman Staring at CarrotSometimes it can be difficult to finish a fast. What are you supposed to do during mealtimes while everyone else is eating?

Try these activities instead of thinking about food or caving on your fast, purely out of boredom.




Calming, Meditative Movement 

Yoga Mat On PlateGoing for a gentle walk or practicing 20 minutes of yoga can help to regulate your brain waves and get us in to a calm and meditative state. And guess what? When we are in this state we are less likely to think about food or feel hungry.

Not only will the gentle exercise help your weight loss efforts, but walking and yoga have been shown to lower cortisol levels, meaning less overall stress.

Since stress is a major impediment to weight loss, gentle exercise will help with your weight loss goals while keeping you focused and calm. Get bonus cortisol points too, if you immerse yourself in nature.

Drink Tea

Woman meditatingGrabbing some herbal tea can help you fight off fasting hunger as well as ward off inflammation which is a double bonus because your body will be healing your gut as you fast so a soothing tea can help with this process.

Many of the herbs in these teas are extremely beneficial to the body and come in a variety of blends and pleasant flavors.

A good caffeine-free tea is rooibos tea (red tea), which is naturally caffeine-free and loaded with antioxidants, encourages good sleep, and boosts circulation.

Plus, it tastes quite similar to black tea.

Try avoiding relying on caffeine too much, as it can cause increased appetite and be inflammatory. A little caffeine is fine, but if you’re really fighting hunger stick with herbal tea.

Meditative and Mindful Activities 

Arts and CraftsIs there something that interests you that you just haven’t had a chance to do? Well now is your chance.

The more appealing and the more of a meditative state the activity gets you in to, the better.

When our brain waves slow down to an alpha frequency which happens when we meditate or are engrossed in an activity, then our body becomes relaxed and, not only does time seems to pass quickly, but your parasympathetic nervous system is activated which primes your body to burn and release fat. And the effects of this can be long lasting continue for hours after you have gotten in to this zone.

So what’s something you can do and get totally immersed in it? Well that is the best thing you can do while fasting.

Immerse yourself into your dreams and shape your life into what you want it to be. If you add more passion and joy to your life, you’ll be less likely to over-rely on food for comfort.

We tend to reach for comfort foods and snacks when we’re ‘missing something’ or feeling unfulfilled. But there’s no need to be bored. Reward your fasts with new activities instead of food and perhaps you’ll develop a new passion that could lead to something new. There is always room for more fulfillment and joy in life.

Weight loss isn’t about just changing your body. It is about improving your life as a whole. It doesn’t have to be painful and laborious. Instead of having to ‘get through’ your fasts, be productive in an activity that you can’t wait to be doing!

You are doing great things for you body, so make the change and do great things for your life too. Follow what makes you happy, because a happy mind creates a happy body.




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