Need a Break from Fasting?

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Have you hit a wall?Do you feel like you’ve hit a wall with intermittent fasting and just can’t bring yourself to do any more fasts?

Don’t give up altogether, there are ways to get around this mental block.

If you’re just plain tired of the thought of going without food (true fasting) for any length of time then perhaps you’ve been fasting too often or for longer than you should.

When this happens it’s a good time to cut down your fasts or change your method of fasting for a while to ‘reset’.

Take a Two Week Break 

It’s perfectly fine to feel sick and tired of fasting so allow yourself a break from all fasting for two weeks two or three times a year.

There are ways to have a break without putting on weight too, so don’t worry! You might even find that you lose weight because the change in style triggers less overeating.

So if you can’t bring yourself to do true fasts, take two weeks off. 

Or instead, during this time try something different like Alternate Day Fasting (ADF – where you can have a certain percentage of your calorie needs every second or third day and eat normally on the days in between) but make sure you allow 50% of your calorie needs on those days and have them anywhere in the day so it doesn’t feel like you’re fasting.

Take a break from iFasting

So if your calorie allowance is 900 calories for example, you would split your 900 calories into 3 small meals and just eat them throughout your three fasting days as you like. That way you will still have breakfast, lunch and dinner.

This type of ADF can be much easier than you think because there are plenty of low calorie foods and meal recipes you can choose from.

Then on the non-fasting days, just go for gold and eat like you normally would. The research shows that while we do overeat after an ADF day it’s only by an average of 25% more so you will NOT undo the benefits of the ADF days.


Sick of Fasting Altogether?

If you’re just plan sick and tired of having any restrictions at all then just try to eat healthily for your two weeks off and make sure you exercise and try skipping breakfast for at least two days of the week.

Make sure you don’t take this holiday as a free ticket to eat whatever you want! It’s a break from fasting so you will need to keep an eye on what you eat.

If you’re a daily faster, it can get tiring (and boring) after a while so either change to ADF or the 5:2 method or change your fasting time to keep things interesting e.g. fast from lunch to breakfast instead of dinner to lunch time. Some fasters find that they just start to miss having breakfast and it helps to change the time so they skip dinner instead for two weeks.

Otherwise if it’s the fact that you’re fasting daily that’s getting boring just do half the amount of fasts for two weeks (3 or 4 days each week).


Enjoying the sunMake Sure You Give Yourself a Break!

It’s important that we give ourselves a break every once on a while to keep enthusiastic about fasting.

Lets be honest! Most of us are not like those body building guys out there who are body image obsessed.

Most of us are just out to lose weight, to not have food anxiety, to not binge and for our general health. If you’re not looking in the mirror every day to check out your abs like a lot of the body builders that use ifasting are, then we’ll have half the motivation that they do.

So pat yourself on the back for getting this far and for even staring ifasting in the first place and remember to give yourself a two week break from fasting every few months to keep yourself sane!



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