4 Reasons Diet Drinks Can Inhibit Intermittent Fasting Results

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Many women can mistakenly rely on ‘diet drinks’ when trying to lose weight.

Sometimes even as a snack replacement hoping that it will help them shed weight like a machine.

It sounds like the perfect solution right?

No calories. The bubbles make you feel full. What can go wrong?

Well, unfortunately a few things can go wrong. Not only does the research show that diet drinks not only have no effect on weight loss, they can in fact, lead to weight gain. Uh oh!

They Confuse Your Body

Even though artificial sweeteners have no calories, they trick your body into thinking you’re eating sugar. So your body releases insulin in preparation for an increase in blood sugar. The more insulin you have lingering in your bloodstream, the more fat you’re likely to store. It also slows your metabolism, so you burn fewer calories during the day.

So now that whole zero-calorie thing doesn’t seem like such a good idea anymore. It’s not about calories it’s about the quality of the food and drink you consume and whether your body recognises what it is. So anything made in a lab is likely to have the same effect on your body.

They Cause Cravings

When your stomach signals up to your brain that it has been tricked, that there was no sugar, your mind is going to initiate hunger signals to return your body to homeostasis. Think…all that insulin is just floating around. It’s not good for your body to have insulin floating around in your blood stream so the only way to get rid of it is to introduce digestible calories.



So, you will become hungry.

Not only will your metabolism slow down, but you will become hungrier — a double whammy for weight gain.

Additionally, those who consume diet drinks daily may rewire their brain to crave more sweetness, making normal vessels of sweetness (like fruits) no longer potent enough to satisfy their sweet cravings. Let’s face it, having an out-of-control craving for the hard sweet stuff cannot help with weight loss.

They Cause Obesity

Obesity and artificial sweeteners go hand in hand. In some studies, there has been shown to be a 200 percent increased risk of obesity in populations who drink diet sodas due to nasty chemicals are called obesogens.

These chemicals disturb your body’s endocrine system, and can masquerade as an estrogen-like compound. This inhibits the natural estrogen in your body, essentially causing the body to become severely imbalanced.

Such hormonal imbalances can lead to insulin resistance, thyroid dysfunction and increased fat cell production which can leads to obesity. So basically the opposite of what we are trying to achieve when we want to lose weight.

They are Harmful for your Health

Obesity and diabetes aside, the artificial sweeteners of diet drinks are harmful to your health. Many studies show that diet soda drinkers are actually more likely to suffer from heart disease. Many artificial sweeteners, still haven’t been fully researched in humans over the long-term so we really don’t know the full effect they have on our health yet.

Why take that gamble? 

Plus, many people who drink artificial sweeteners report migraines, diarrhoea, and other negative effects, which will certainly make you think twice about whether they are good for your health.

In summary, drinking diet drinks will most likely take your health, and weight loss efforts, in the wrong direction.

So, when intermittent fasting, try drinking fresh fruit-infused sparkling water, unsweetened iced tea, or just plain water with lemon instead. You’ll feel better, look better, and won’t be unintentionally reversing your weight loss efforts.

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