How Claire Lost 21 Lbs Using the 5:2 Method

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Claire RichesThis success story is from Claire Riches who has been fasting more for health reasons but has lost some weight along the way! Through trial and error she has found the right days and style of fasting to suit her lifestyle.

Here’s how she did it.


Summarise your weight loss story for us in one paragraph:

My weight loss has been slow but steady. Just under 1 lb per week but as I wasn’t just doing this for weight loss it doesn’t matter.

What method of Fasting do you do: (5 2 /Fast Diet, 24 hour fasts, daily fasts)

I do the basic 5:2 diet. Five days a week I eat to my TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) roughly and then for two days I eat 300 to 400 calories. Occasionally there may be an unintentional 3rd fast in a week.  I have also tried the 16:8 which is fine but I don’t stress if I don’t keep to it.

When did you start fasting?

I saw the Horizon programme last August and was immediately interested.  I tried the fasting then but was doing two consecutive days which I found too hard. When the book came out I read it and realised I didn’t have to do consecutive days so in January 2013 I started fasting on Mondays and Thursdays.

What weight were you to start with?

Over the last ten years weight had crept on and I had gone from 8 st 4 lbs to 10 st 4 lbs. So my starting weight in January was around 10 st 4 lbs.

What was your goal weight? I was aiming to get to 8 st 7 lbs. This is a BMI of around 23. I wanted to reassess when I got to this weight as I am now nearly 52 and I didn’t want to look gaunt or haggard!


What is your weight now? 

This morning after yesterday’s fast I hit 8 st 7 lbs! I feel as though I could still lose a few more pounds but the last few pounds have been quite difficult to shift and so I may have to be content to stop here.


What do you do for your fasting routine now? (i.e. How many times a week)

I am still fasting twice a week – usually Monday and Thursday and will continue this indefinitely unless I start to lose too much weight. In which case I might then just increase the amount of the evening meal or only fast one day per week. I save my calories for my evening meal, although I use about 100 calories in tea and coffee through the day.


What exercise do you do regularly? Did you do this exercise before you started fasting?

I started the NHS programme Couch Potato to 5k at the same time I started the Fast Diet but since I got to 5k at Easter I have not run as regularly as I would like. In fact during the summer holiday I haven’t really done any more exercise than heavy gardening and walking.


What do you eat on your non-fasting days?

Mostly what I want. I try to stick to my TDEE on normal days. Though since starting 5:2 and reading Fat Chance: ‘The Bitter Truth About Sugar’ I have cut down my consumption of processed and ready made foods. I am not a big drinker of alcohol, I have one or two drinks a week. My appetite has decreased significantly; I was feeding myself the same amount of food as my teenage boys!


What’s is your advice to people thinking about starting intermittent fasting but are not sure about it yet?

I joined the 5:2 forum shortly after starting the diet and found it very helpful and full of so much useful information and discussion. Other than that I would just give it a try.

After about a month I found the fast days became much easier and now I find them very easy. I am also following it for the possible health benefits and I am not going to stress about going up and down by the odd lb or two.





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