What is my ‘Eating Personality’ Type?

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If you’ve read “How to Lose Weight by Fasting – The beginners Guide to Intermittent Fasting‘ you would hopefully have read through the eating personality types and picked one that sounds the most like you. To recap on these types:   Type A: You often unintentionally go long periods of time without food if you’re busy or forget to eat and you barely even notice. You’ve probably never really been on a ‘diet’ before. You don’t have any anxious feelings towards the idea of fasting and going without food for a set period of time. This personality type tends to be mainly men but can also be women who have had no history of strict dieting.   Type B: You notice if you skip breakfast and prefer to have it even if you’re not hungry ‘just in case’ you get hungry later on and for some reason don’t have access to food. You feel uncomfortable […]

Intermittent Fasting and Exercise – Should You Exercise on Fasting Days?

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Do you get confused about whether or not you should  be exercising on fasting days? And whether exercise will increase your hunger and cause you to cheat on our fast? Or whether the time of day that you exercise will make a difference? These are all important questions to us intermittent fasters. The last thing I feel like doing is too much exercise so that I overeat and undo the benefits of my fasts. That sounds about as much fun as running a marathon backwards! If you’ve read our previous article about how chronic cardio exercise can increase appetite and cravings for high calorie foods, I’m sure you’ll be interested to know whether you’re doing the right thing by adding exercise to your fasting schedule. Thankfully Krista Varady and colleagues looked at the effect of mixing exercise and intermittent fasting on weight loss in a recent study and has kindly answered these questions for us. If you watched the […]

The Truth About Exercise

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This is yet another mind opening  BBC documentary with Dr Michael Mosley. It’s well worth watching and uncovers some priceless information about exercise and weight loss. Dr Mosley decides to go on a quest to find the absolute minimum amount of exercise he can do for the maximal health benefits in fear of developing diabetes like his own father. He’s honest and says that knows he just won’t stick to a grueling exercise regimen so goes on the hunt to find something he will actually do. Fair enough! He talks to Richard Ferguson and exercise physiologist Keith Tulley at the Loughborough University who measure his carbon dioxide and oxygen ratio to see how much fat and carbohydrate he uses (and therefore calories he burns) while running around track. They find that he burns 16 calories a minute and give an eye-opening example of how much it would take to burn off certain foods with the […]