The Truth About Exercise

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This is yet another mind opening  BBC documentary with Dr Michael Mosley. It’s well worth watching and uncovers some priceless information about exercise and weight loss. Dr Mosley decides to go on a quest to find the absolute minimum amount of exercise he can do for the maximal health benefits in fear of developing diabetes like his own father. He’s honest and says that knows he just won’t stick to a grueling exercise regimen so goes on the hunt to find something he will actually do. Fair enough! He talks to Richard Ferguson and exercise physiologist Keith Tulley at the Loughborough University who measure his carbon dioxide and oxygen ratio to see how much fat and carbohydrate he uses (and therefore calories he burns) while running around track. They find that he burns 16 calories a minute and give an eye-opening example of how much it would take to burn off certain foods with the […]

The Fast Diet (Book Review)

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  As you may know, the author of this book (co-written by journalist Mimi Spencer) Michael Mosley presented a groundbreaking Horizon documentary in 2012 called ‘Eat, Fast and Live Longer‘which introduced the 5:2 method of fasting to the world. This book is a great summary of that documentary, some current research on intermittent fasting and how he came to devise the 5:2 method with Professor Mark Mattson. It focuses on both the health and weight loss benefits of this particular method of fasting and is a great source of encouragement for those of us who fast regularly already. It also has some great tips and recipes to help with calorie counting on fasting days by providing suggested meal plans. What Does it Include? A summary of the 2012 Horizon documentary. Diet advice from Mimi Spencer. Example 500-600 calorie recipes and plans. Success stories from other 5:2 diet intermittent fasters. References to some of the research papers related […]

‘Eat, Fast and Live Longer’ (BBC Documentary Review)

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If you haven’t seen the documentary ‘Eat, Fast and Live Longer’ yet it’s well worth a watch to get a better understanding of, not just the weight loss benefits, but the amazing health benefits of intermittent fasting. In this documentary a health journalist, Dr Michael Mosley decides he wants to stay younger and physically active for longer and goes on a quest to find a way to stop the processes of ageing. He meets a 101 year old marathon runner (video clip below) who has, not by choice but from living in a poor country, been eating a low calorie diet for most of his life which  inadvertently extended his life and allowed him to stay active. He summed it up perfectly by saying “In poor countries people die of starvation, in rich countries they die of overeating.”     Mosley investigates further by travelling to the United States and meets a variety of scientists […]