How Claire Lost 21 Lbs Using the 5:2 Method

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This success story is from Claire Riches who has been fasting more for health reasons but has lost some weight along the way! Through trial and error she has found the right days and style of fasting to suit her lifestyle. Here’s how she did it.   Summarise your weight loss story for us in one paragraph: My weight loss has been slow but steady. Just under 1 lb per week but as I wasn’t just doing this for weight loss it doesn’t matter. What method of Fasting do you do: (5 2 /Fast Diet, 24 hour fasts, daily fasts) I do the basic 5:2 diet. Five days a week I eat to my TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) roughly and then for two days I eat 300 to 400 calories. Occasionally there may be an unintentional 3rd fast in a week.  I have also tried the 16:8 which is fine but I don’t stress if […]