How Intermittent Fasting Can Help Prevent Alzheimer’s

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Most of us are already sold on the fact that intermittent fasting is an easy, healthy and extremely effective weight loss method. But did you know about the added benefits it has on the health of your brain? According to recent research, intermittent fasting once or twice a week can help ward off diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. What a bonus! Numerous studies have shown a positive correlation between calorie restriction and reduced risk of disease. One recent study conducted by Mark Mattson, head of the National Institute of Aging’s neuroscience lab, showed that brain cells in rodents benefited from alternate day calorie restriction because it protected them from the malfunctioning effects associated with aging and disease. So how exactly can eating less food help your brain? Just like your muscles, it is good to stress your brain in order to promote growth. Intermittent fasting puts mild stress on brain cells, which encourages the […]

‘Eat, Fast and Live Longer’ (BBC Documentary Review)

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If you haven’t seen the documentary ‘Eat, Fast and Live Longer’ yet it’s well worth a watch to get a better understanding of, not just the weight loss benefits, but the amazing health benefits of intermittent fasting. In this documentary a health journalist, Dr Michael Mosley decides he wants to stay younger and physically active for longer and goes on a quest to find a way to stop the processes of ageing. He meets a 101 year old marathon runner (video clip below) who has, not by choice but from living in a poor country, been eating a low calorie diet for most of his life which  inadvertently extended his life and allowed him to stay active. He summed it up perfectly by saying “In poor countries people die of starvation, in rich countries they die of overeating.”     Mosley investigates further by travelling to the United States and meets a variety of scientists […]

The Health Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

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So what else does intermittent fasting do for us?   It’s always good to know all of these other benefits for extra motivation and to remind yourself that you’re not only fasting to lose weight, maintain that weight and get rid of disordered eating habits but you’ll also have a significantly reduced risk of developing diabetes, reduced effects of ageing, an improved brain function and the ability to fight disease and inflammation.   So overall, intermittent fasters are by far healthier than the average person who does not fast. Research has shown that intermittent fasting: Regulates your insulin sensitivity, which is essential for optimal health as insulin resistance (when your body stops functioning well to store away blood sugar) is a major contributor to chronic disease such as diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. Regulates ‘ghrelin’ levels (also known as “the hunger hormone”) which helps our brain cells to regenerate to keep our memory and […]

What is Diabetes?

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Diabetes is a group of diseases caused by continuous high levels of sugar (glucose) in our blood. Type I diabetes which is also known as insulin-dependent diabetes usually occurs at birth and is passed on genetically. Type II diabetes results from ‘insulin dependence’ and is also known as ‘adult onset’ diabetes because it generally happens later in life due to years of bad diet and over eating. When we eat, the food (or drink) no matter what kind of food it is turns into glucose in our blood stream. In normal, healthy people, a hormone called insulin kicks into action to tell our body to store the glucose away in our muscles and liver. It also signals our body to release the glucose into our blood again when the levels are too low. This is how we keep our blood glucose at a consistent level all the time.   Why do We Get Diabetes? If […]

Intermittent Fasting to Prevent Diabetes

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Most people who eat a western diet eat too much and too often which causes a chronic increase in the insulin levels in our blood and is the leading cause of diabetes Type II (adult onset diabetes). The good news is that studies have proven that fasting intermittently dramatically reduces our insulin levels and therefore we can prevent this from happening. A study in the Journal of Applied Physiology (2005; Vol 99) took a group of 8 men who fasted for 20 hours at a time on alternating days and measured their insulin levels and insulin sensitivity (ability to regulate blood sugar). It showed that their insulin sensitivity had significantly improved during their very first fast. Another study on a group of 6 men (American Journal of Physiology 1993) asked them to fast for 72 hours and their blood insulin levels were measured throughout the fast. Their insulin levels dropped significantly (by half!) and occurred predominantly […]