How to Increase Flavour to Your Fasting Day Meals With Fewer Calories. 5 Easy Tricks.

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If you’re a 5:2 Method faster where you have to keep your meal to 500 calories here are 4 suggestions for lightening up your favorite meals without sacrificing flavor or nutrition. Fats are calorie dense, and the fats that are required to make food flavorful can add up when you’re trying to lose weight. Unfortunately, even slightly lowering the fat content of a meal can detract from its flavor. Never settle for boring 5:2 meal again! 1. Ditch The Cream Swap cream for low fat Greek yogurt or if you’re dairy free like me coconut yogurt is a much healthier and far more nutritious option. It is still creamy and tangy, but has a much lower fat content, more protein as well as high in magnesium and calcium essential for bones and muscle function. A serving of coconut yogurt will give you between 25 and 30 percent of the daily value for vitamin B-12, which is important for red blood […]

3 Ways to Get More Iron into Your Diet Naturally

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Iron is vitally important when it comes to our energy levels and general health if we’re intermittent fasting. As women we need to keep our iron levels up, especially during our menstrual cycle. While red meat is loaded with iron, it’s surprisingly often not absorbed into to our body as much as it is with other foods. There are many easier and more effective options to make sure your iron levels are where they should be. Many women have trouble with low iron levels. Symptoms of low-iron include: Fatigue Headaches Dizziness Depression Moodiness A sense of apathy Brittle nails If you have any of these symptoms or just want to make sure your iron levels stay at their optimum level try these tips: 1. Eat Iron Rich Plant Foods Dark leafy veggies, like kale, bok choy, collards, and broccoli are good sources of iron. Herbs and spices, like thyme and turmeric, can also be very iron-rich, […]

3 Sneaky Ways That Water Helps You Lose Weight

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The amount of water you drink on a daily basis can have a huge impact on your metabolism and weight loss. Fruits and veggies can contribute a lot to your hydration tally, but you need to drink enough pure water daily to keep your metabolism cruising. Here are 3 sneaky ways that water helps you maintain a healthy body and shed excess weight. 1. Reduces False Appetite Often we are not hungry when we think we are. We are just dehydrated.  When the body needs water we will often look for food that will help us to feel satiated. If you make sure that you’re well hydrated then you may find that your tendency to snack is reduced significantly. You may be surprised to find that a lot of your hunger has been thirst all along. 2. Cleanses the body Expensive detox kits and plans? No need. You can easily help your kidneys, liver, and lymph […]

Is it OK to Drink Milk in My Coffee or Tea When Intermittent Fasting?

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Is it ok to have milk in my coffee or tea during a fast or will it ruin my fast completely? This seems to cause a lot of confusion for intermittent fasters and is the one of the most commonly asked questions when starting out. For some reason, even one cup of coffee or tea with milk seems to help us get through our fasts so much easier than going milkless. Especially during the last few hours of a fast.  It’s just that much more satisfying. If you’re ‘True Fasting’ (fasting with no calories at all for 16 to 24 hours at a time) then usually it would be a no-no. But if it means that you actually finish your fast and is the difference between doing a 24 hour fast instead of 20 hours then it’s definitely going to be more beneficial. Even our ancestors in the Paleo era, where we draw our intermittent fasting […]

4 Ways to Avoid a Hormonal Imbalance for Optimum Health & Weight Loss

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Many women suffer from hormonal imbalances that interfere with not only fertility but also with their weight loss efforts. Most hormonal disorders are still poorly understood, leaving a lot of women confused about their lack of weight loss. The most common conditions caused by hormonal imbalance are Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Endometriosis. What are PCOS and Endo? PCOS is a syndrome primarily in which a woman has numerous benign cysts on her ovaries. It is a condition caused by hormonal imbalance due to genetics, diet, stress, and/or lifestyle. Endometriosis, on the other hand, is a painful disorder in which the tissue that normally grows on the inside of the uterus starts to grow elsewhere in the abdomen. When the body signals for the walls of the uterus to shed every month, these misplaced cells also shed at the same time which can cause severe pain. Often, both conditions are associated with estrogen dominance, meaning the […]