How Intermittent Fasting Tames Emotional Hunger

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Let’s be honest. We all eat when we’re not hungry from time to time. Whether we’re stressed at work, anxious about a job interview, bored while watching T.V or even just to cheer us up. These are all emotional reasons for eating and it’s perfectly fine once in a while. It’s when it becomes a habit that it becomes a problem. Well, intermittent fasters, you’re in luck. Yet another upside to intermittent fasting is that it can gradually retrain your brain to not only know the difference between emotional eating and real hunger, but also to build a newly formed habit of only eating when you’re actually hungry. And this is done all without you even having to try. How Do You Tell the Difference Between Emotional Hunger and Real Hunger? You can spot real hunger a mile away because it comes on gradually and in waves which become more intense over time. Emotional hunger […]

4 Ways to Avoid a Hormonal Imbalance for Optimum Health & Weight Loss

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Many women suffer from hormonal imbalances that interfere with not only fertility but also with their weight loss efforts. Most hormonal disorders are still poorly understood, leaving a lot of women confused about their lack of weight loss. The most common conditions caused by hormonal imbalance are Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Endometriosis. What are PCOS and Endo? PCOS is a syndrome primarily in which a woman has numerous benign cysts on her ovaries. It is a condition caused by hormonal imbalance due to genetics, diet, stress, and/or lifestyle. Endometriosis, on the other hand, is a painful disorder in which the tissue that normally grows on the inside of the uterus starts to grow elsewhere in the abdomen. When the body signals for the walls of the uterus to shed every month, these misplaced cells also shed at the same time which can cause severe pain. Often, both conditions are associated with estrogen dominance, meaning the […]

Disordered Eating Versus Eating Disorders – What Every Woman Needs to Know

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While the majority of us can gladly say we don’t have an “eating disorder’ studies show that a shocking 60% of all women have ‘disordered’ eating patterns. I strongly encourage all women starting out iFasting to read this article. If you think you might have one of these disorders make sure you get medical advice before even thinking about iFasting. If you even show some tendencies towards any of these please start iFasting very slowly. ‘Disordered eating‘ is having any unhealthy or disordered beliefs about food. It can be things like completely cutting out food groups from your diet in fear that they’ll make you put on weight. It can be limiting yourself to a set amount of calories per day. It can also be eating for comfort to manage emotions like anxiety or depression. If we continue to have disordered habits about food it can quickly escalate into a more serious eating ‘disorder’. Once […]

Intermittent Fasting and Fertility in Women

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How does intermittent fasting affect fertility in women? If you’re trying to get pregnant, or just hope to be one day and you’re worried that intermittent fasting might affect your level of fertility, research shows that it has no negative effects at all, and in some cases even improves your fertility levels. There has been research in several animal species which show a decrease in reproductive hormones when fasting just prior to ovulation however these results have depended on the species and the nutritional status of the animal at the time. This isn’t likely to happen to us because if we’re ifasting properly (and eating well on non fasting days/parts of the day) we’ll be well nourished from our meals. It’s actually the chronic dieters who restrict calories and are poorly nourished that have problems conceiving.  The studies that show decreased fertility levels in rats and mice are pretty much irrelevant to humans because they […]

Is it Harder for Women to Lose Weight than Men?

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  Unfortunately for us women, studies have shown that it’s much harder for us to lose weight than most men. The research shows we’re more likely to overeat and ‘reward eat’ after exercise whereas men tend to have no increased appetite after exercise so have a higher rate of weight loss success than we do.   We can counteract this by making sure we don’t do too much chronic exercise and by watching what we eat. The problem is, as human beings we’re designed to crave variety in our diet as a survival mechanism to make sure we get all the nutrients we need. On top of this women also tend to find more ‘comfort’ in food and psychologically miss our favorite foods more than men do. That’s why dieting and women should never mix! We also have metabolic and hormonal differences to men and not only do our hormones fluctuate monthly but they also change over our life cycle […]