What is my ‘Eating Personality’ Type?

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If you’ve read “How to Lose Weight by Fasting – The beginners Guide to Intermittent Fasting‘ you would hopefully have read through the eating personality types and picked one that sounds the most like you. To recap on these types:   Type A: You often unintentionally go long periods of time without food if you’re busy or forget to eat and you barely even notice. You’ve probably never really been on a ‘diet’ before. You don’t have any anxious feelings towards the idea of fasting and going without food for a set period of time. This personality type tends to be mainly men but can also be women who have had no history of strict dieting.   Type B: You notice if you skip breakfast and prefer to have it even if you’re not hungry ‘just in case’ you get hungry later on and for some reason don’t have access to food. You feel uncomfortable […]

Fat Loss With Intermittent Fasting Explained

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While fasting (true fasting with zero calories consumed) your body switches to  ‘fat burning mode’ and this is where all of the magic weight loss results happen. So as soon as you get to the fat burning point of your fasts the effect on your weight loss will get better and better. That’s why some people (mostly women) who fast daily for less than 18 hours can find it difficult to lose weight as they don’t spend much time in fat burning mode before they eat again. The graph below shows how much fat is burned (even if you are asleep!) during the stages of fasting.   Remember, your body stops feeding off your last meal for energy at around 6-8 hours after you last ate and it’s usually around the 12-14th hour of fasting that your body starts to rapidly burn body fat as your main source of energy instead of your blood sugar. After that your body […]

Different Methods of Intermittent Fasting

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Intermittent fasting can be done in several ways. Here are a few examples ….   Alternate day fasting (ADF) Most alternate day fasters will fast for 36 hours. So basically, eat every second day as normal. On their fasting days they allow themselves a certain amount of calories. For example on Monday you can eat normally. Then on Tuesday you begin the fast, continue overnight and all the following day on Wednesday eat normally again. This pattern  from is then repeated continuously. More information on Alterate Day Fasting here.   Modified Alternate day Fasting (The 5 2 Diet) There are a few modifications to ADF that are much easier to stick to. The most popular is the 5 2 Diet whereby you allow yourself 25% of your calories fast like   s is a modified alternate day fasters will fast for 36 hours. So basically, eat every second day as normal. On their fasting days they allow […]