What is Mindful Eating? – 4 Mind ‘Tricks’ to Help Avoid Weight Gain

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When on a weight loss journey, it is not only the quantity of food we  consume that is important. It is our nasty little habits as well. Sure, you could potentially lose a couple kilos eating only tasteless rice cakes in between errands, but that habit isn’t going to keep the weight off in the long run. For honest, sustained improvement in your body, you need to first change the way you approach eating. Here are 4 tips for mindful eating: 1. Simply Sit Down!   Any time you are going to put food in your mouth should be treated with the utmost holiness. That means meals, snacks, desserts, ahem “second breakfasts“, you name it. Try not to eat while standing — it will only further encourage snacking and grazing. People tend to eat less at a meal when they are sitting down, enjoying it. While you’re in your seat, also take notice as to whether you […]

8 Simple Steps to a Healthier Fridge

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There are 2 essential rules to a healthy fridge. One, keep the healthiest choices in front where they are easiest to grab. Two, never ever put anything in there that you don’t want to eat. If you have a severe weakness for soda or nutella, don’t buy any! You will eat it if it is in your fridge. Follow these 2 rules, and your fridge will become much easier to navigate. Even better, try placing your foods strategically to make the real estate in your refrigerator work for you. Check out these ideas… 1. Snacks Front and center! Healthy snacks should be displayed proudly on the top shelf, ready to be grabbed. This includes chopped celery and carrots, hard-boiled eggs, berries, containers of prepared melon or pineapple, et cetera. When this shelf begins to run low, replenish it immediately. It will keep your mind from worrying about what there is to eat, taking your focus away from food […]

6 Easy Ways to Detox Your Body Daily

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The word “detox” has become a little twisted. You don’t have to go on an all-liquid diet or consume only cayenne-spiced watermelon all day to detox your body. It is far simpler, and thankfully more enjoyable, than that. On the small scale, there are daily and weekly practices you can adopt to help your body function more optimally. Take a peek below at these small habits you can practice throughout the day to keep your body excreting toxins and waste at a healthy rate. 1. Warm water with lemon. Drinking warm to lukewarm water first thing in the morning offers a myriad of benefits. It balances your body’s pH, assists weight loss and digestion, and hydrates your body after hours of waterless sleep. Plus, the extra vitamin C is great for the skin and your immune system. May I add, this morning drink is also extremely refreshing.  2. Dry skin brushing. It may sound strange […]

5 Ways Yoga Helps You Tone Up & Slim Down

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Yoga is great for realigning your mind-body-spirit connection, but did you know it can help tone your body and even shed some pounds? Although it isn’t traditionally considered a vigorous form of exercise, yoga works every muscle in your body and can nourish your overstressed mind. Here are 5 ways yoga can help sculpt your shape… Reduces stress. Stress is a major contributor to weight gain. Its influence cannot be overstated. Before attempting to lose weight and tone your body, you need to first ditch the stress. That’s where yoga comes in. It has been shown that people who regularly practice yoga deal with stressful situations far better than those who don’t practice. A good class releases endorphins and ushers out cortisol, which can cause harm to your body (inflammation and weight gain) when present for too lengthy a period. Builds longer & leaner muscles.  Fact: bulky muscles do not necessarily correspond to strength. Actually, […]

3 Reasons Why a Fat-Free Diet Is Not Healthy

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It is a really hard concept for people to wrap their minds around: Fat doesn’t make you fat. Saturated and unsaturated fats are actually extremely healthy and an essential part of any successful weight loss strategy. However, there are companies everywhere that would have you believe differently. Here’s why you should avoid a diet deficient in fats… Your brain needs fat. Your brain is made up of fatty tissue. If you were to strive to eat no fat, you would feel horrible. Sure, you might temporarily lose weight, but your mind would be cloudy, your thoughts unclear, and you’d probably just want to go to sleep. Fats are used in the brain’s daily functions and repairs. Cut them out, and your brain will slowly suffer and weaken. In addition, other functions throughout your body would suffer. Saturated fat is necessary for proper calcium absorption in bones, lung health, and skin health. Fats keep your skin […]