Why ‘Good Fat’ is Essential for Intermittent Fasting

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One of the most challenging tasks for us women is to get our head around the fact that eating fat is a good thing. We’ve had it drilled in to us that eating fat, especially saturated fat, will go straight to our thighs and make us fat. So most of us have been secretly avoiding all fats like the plague. All of the low-fat, high fibre diets, calorie counting, and the vilification of oils and fats have made even the smartest and nutritionally conscious women worried about including any kind of fats in their diet. So lets put this silly ol’ myth to rest once and for all.282727 Let’s be honest, fatty foods taste awesome. I know, right. Well of course they do, our bodies are designed to crave fat not only for their energy content but we need it to be healthy and function at an optimal level. So we seek out fatty goodness no matter how hard we […]

How To Get Through Your Fasts More Easily – 3 Easy Tricks

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Sometimes it can be difficult to finish a fast. What are you supposed to do during mealtimes while everyone else is eating? Try these activities instead of thinking about food or caving on your fast, purely out of boredom.       Meditative Movement  Going for a gentle walk or practicing 20 minutes of yoga can help to regulate your brain waves and get us in to a calm and meditative state. And guess what? When we are in this state we are less likely to think about food or feel hungry. Not only will the gentle exercise help your weight loss efforts, but walking and yoga have been shown to lower cortisol levels, meaning less overall stress. Since stress is a major impediment to weight loss, gentle exercise will help with your weight loss goals while keeping you focused and calm. Get bonus cortisol points too, if you immerse yourself in nature. Drink Tea Grabbing some herbal […]

How to Increase Flavour to Your Fasting Day Meals With Fewer Calories. 5 Easy Tricks.

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If you’re a 5:2 Method faster where you have to keep your meal to 500 calories here are 4 suggestions for lightening up your favorite meals without sacrificing flavor or nutrition. Fats are calorie dense, and the fats that are required to make food flavorful can add up when you’re trying to lose weight. Unfortunately, even slightly lowering the fat content of a meal can detract from its flavor. Never settle for boring 5:2 meal again! 1. Ditch The Cream Swap cream for low fat Greek yogurt or if you’re dairy free like me coconut yogurt is a much healthier and far more nutritious option. It is still creamy and tangy, but has a much lower fat content, more protein as well as high in magnesium and calcium essential for bones and muscle function. A serving of coconut yogurt will give you between 25 and 30 percent of the daily value for vitamin B-12, which is important for red blood […]

What if You Can’t Bring Yourself to Fast Today?

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This post goes out to all you Type C’s out there (which includes myself!) But Type B’s might also be able to relate. What happens if you have the best intentions to fast the following day as you go to bed but wake up in morning and cant bear the thought of fasting at all? Here’s a trick that I’ve come up with to deal with it. It may seem pretty obvious but it helps to break it up into three steps. So here goes:   Step One: Tell yourself it’s ok to skip a day and ‘bump’ your fast to later in the week. The reason you don’t feel up to it today could be for any number of reasons so don’t beat yourself up! Its better to not push yourself so you can keep up ifasting in the long term than giving up altogether. Once you’re ok with that you wont have any feelings […]

Drinking Green Tea and Coffee Reduces the Risk of Stroke

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Recent research shows that the risk of having a stroke is decreased by 32 percent for those who drink one cup of coffee or two cups of green tea daily. The report published in  ‘Stroke’ Journal March 2013, surveyed 83,000 men and women of 45 to 74 years in age about how much green tea and coffee they drank. During this study they documented all the deaths from both heart disease and stroke. They then followed up with those surveyed over 13 years and found that the people who had at least one cup of coffee a day had a lowered risk for hemorrhagic stoke (where a blood vessel bursts in the brain and account for 13 percent of strokes) by around 20 percent. Those who drank 2-3 cups of green tea a day had a 14 percent lower risk of stroke than those who did not drink it and those who drank at least four cups […]