Intermittent Fasting for Women (The Book for Kindle)

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Like many other women I’ve spent most of my adult life frustrated with fluctuating weight and ‘food anxiety’ caused from on and off dieting. During my quest to find a new weight loss method that I could actually stick to I came across  intermittent fasting. I researched it, tried it out for myself and had great success. I then taught some of my patients to iFast (who were unable to exercise because of their injuries) and they too had incredible weight loss results. While many books on intermittent fasting are written by men and/or for male body builders, this book is solely for us women.   Factors for Women to Take into Account As a woman, I understand we have busy lives, between families, careers, social and financial pressures. Finding time to exercise or being able to afford a personal trainer is also a big ask for most of us. We also want to know […]

How to Lose Weight by Fasting (The Book for Kindle)

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This book is a great introduction for beginners to learn about intermittent fasting. During my on-going research I discovered many more physical and psychological benefits that iFasting can provide and have covered some of these in this book. While I have tried to include as much as I could, this guide is written with the absolute beginner in mind and is not meant to ‘overload’ the reader with information like some other books on the topic can do. I’ve done my best to present enough credible information to help you make up your own mind about what method of intermittent fasting will be the best for you to get you started on your journey of weight loss and improved health. You can buy your own copy from Amazon here for $2.99.   Don’t Have a Kindle? If you don’t have a Kindle, you can read the book on a tablet or smart phone using the […]

The Fast Diet (Book Review)

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  As you may know, the author of this book (co-written by journalist Mimi Spencer) Michael Mosley presented a groundbreaking Horizon documentary in 2012 called ‘Eat, Fast and Live Longer‘which introduced the 5:2 method of fasting to the world. This book is a great summary of that documentary, some current research on intermittent fasting and how he came to devise the 5:2 method with Professor Mark Mattson. It focuses on both the health and weight loss benefits of this particular method of fasting and is a great source of encouragement for those of us who fast regularly already. It also has some great tips and recipes to help with calorie counting on fasting days by providing suggested meal plans. What Does it Include? A summary of the 2012 Horizon documentary. Diet advice from Mimi Spencer. Example 500-600 calorie recipes and plans. Success stories from other 5:2 diet intermittent fasters. References to some of the research papers related […]