24 Hour Fasts

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24 Hours Without Food – Can You Do It?

Believe it or not, it’s much easier than it sounds.

Most IFasters who choose to fast for 24 hours to either lose weight or maintain their weight do so over any 24 hour period that fits in with their lifestyle.

It’s usually done once or twice a week (but not usually 2 days in a row).

It’s easy to maintain for a lot of IFasters because you don’t have to fast as often as other intermittent fasting methods and you never go a full day without a meal somewhere.

Most 24 hour IFasters also make sure they stick to a sensible diet such as a high protein and low carbohydrate for the rest of the week but this is up to you and depends on your weight loss goals.

If you like, you can alternate low carbohydrate days and normal eating days with this method for a more sustainable intermittent fasting lifestyle that you won’t get tired of too easily.

The days to fast each week are totally flexible and you can choose any 24 hour period that suits you. For example you can eat normally until 1pm on the day you want to start your fast, then after your lunchtime meal, refrain from eating until 1pm the next day just before lunch that day.

Alternatively, if you think that you’ll start to miss dinner too much (this is the most social meal of the day and so missing this won’t fit in with most people’s lifestyles)  you can start fasting after dinner at say 8pm and stop eating until 8pm the next day when you have your dinner again.

This is one of my preferred methods as as it can be much easier to deal with mentally.

If you are just starting out, try one 24 hour fast in the first one or two weeks so you get used to it and decide whether it’s right for you. For weight maintenance, you can alternate your weeks between having one or two intermittent fasts per week.


24 hour Intermittent Fasting is suitable for most people as you never go a full day without a meal.






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